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The Company will consist of six full-time women and six part-time girls. The full ensemble will create two projects a year. The ensemble are all classically trained vocalists, and familiar with viewpoints and the suzuki training method. These projects aim to provoke thought and respond to how the Company sees the world we live in. Full-time company members will also create workshop-based theatre productions to tour.





Natalie Richards


Natalie has been a passionate and well respected member of Sydney’s entertainment industry for 15 years. Her early theatre credits include Puberty Blues (Figtree Theatre 2001), A Evening of Noel Coward (Genesian Theatre 2001), Chamber Music (Cat & Fiddle Hotel 2003) and Black Comedy (Genesian Theatre 2003).


Natalie then studied the professional course full time at the Jacques Lecoq International School of Theatre in Paris, 2005. She entered the school an actress, and left a theatre maker.


She returned to Sydney to perform in Elia’s Trial (Glen St Theatre 2006) and devised ‘Meanderings’ with the cast as part of the Short & Sweet Festival, (Newtown Theatre 2007).


In 2007 Natalie founded ‘Action Atelier’, her own children’s drama school in Bondi. She also currently teaches drama for the Australia Theatre for Young People and runs the Drama Club at Montessori East school. Last year two of Natalie’s groups were finalists in the national under 18s play competition ‘Fast & Fresh’.


In 2008 Natalie created & produced ‘Midnight Theatre’, based on the French Theatre of Horror – Grand Guingol. She played the lead actress in the thriller ‘The Torture Garden’ by Andre de Lorde. In 2011’s Midnight Theatre (Old Fitzroy Hotel) Natalie was lead actress in both the thriller ‘The Final Kiss’ and the comedy ‘I Want to Go Home’ directed by Danielle O’Keefe.


Natalie writes short screenplays based on characters she has created and has used this format to write a number of short films such as ‘Madelaine Caine’, ‘Playing with Fire’ and ‘Under the Table’, which have been produced & screened at independent short film festivals around Sydney. 


Directing credits include ‘Tics or Doing the Deed’ by Rene Burton 2008, “Two Women’ (devised by Rachael Coopes & Sophie Cleary) GriffFringe Griffin Theatre 2010, “The Masque of the Red Death” (by Alan Broun) and “Save Draft” (by Rachael Coopes) both for Newtown’s ‘Short & Sweet’ Festival 2011 of which ‘Save Draft’ won the People’s Choice Award. 


In November 2014 Natalie created a Midnight Theatre piece with fellow Sydney Theatrical artist Danielle O’Keefe “The Little Mermaid – Not Suitable for Children”.


Natalie’s most recent television credit is this year’s 60 Minutes re-enactment for the Gerard Bayden-Clay case.


Natalie has taught and directed for the Australian Institute for Performing Arts, NSW State Drama Camp, Fast & Fresh Festival and Short & Sweet Festival and is currently facilitating a number of devised works with her students which are to performed to local and national audiences.


More Company Members coming soon.


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