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Education is the lighting of a fire. Creation keeps it burning. 


Danielle has worked in communities with young people where apathy has swallowed their dreams whole. She has watched young people find their fire through creative play and exploration of ideas and possibilities. By having a cross age ensemble work with 'choruses' of young people to create work together it is possible our company can keep to a professional standard while incorporating community groups. The ensemble will hold the framework, allowing young people the opportunity to fill the spaces, and together present work.


Over the 2014/15 financial year, Danielle created work with 3,217 young people. Each time the opportunity presented itself - be it for a day or a 12 week rehearsal period - the seed was the same: Look at the world we live in and contribute to it in a creative way. Using voice, melody and words, work has been created that has sparked ongoing benefits for the young people involved and the audiences that witness it.

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