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To enliven and empower girls to create and share their own music.


30 girls  

Aged 10-18         

Auditions: February 6th and 13th 

Rehearsing Saturday mornings 10am-12


Danielle O'Keefe is seeking 30 girls to be the TOY CHOIR. The TOY CHOIR will work on contemporary and original music that will often be written by the girls themselves.


Danielle conducted the Australian Youth Choir for 10 years and many concerts around Sydney and Australia. She has worked with young people as Artistic Director of OTYP and as a director, tutor and conductor at ATYP, AIPA, St Martins & NIYPAA. Danielle is often asked to pull together ensembles of girls for performances & recordings and so in 2016 she is creating a group that rehearses together on a regular basis that will work on vocally challenging music, expanding musicality skills, song writing, harmonisation and performances. With exciting performances and recordings already on the agenda this group will be working together to create an ensemble that is capable of delivering tightly woven harmonies in interesting repertoire, both found and written by the group. This is an opportunity for 30 young women to push their musical and vocal skills in a vibrant and creative hotspot.


Fees: TERM 1 $220 as is a shorter term. $300 subsequent term.


Scholarships: There is an ambition that the TOY CHOIR be able to fund all students by the end of 2016. In the interim there is the capacity for 10 girls to be non-fee paying in order to break down financial barriers to participation in artistic experiences. 



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